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 "Julie Alapnes and her band combine the weight and drama of rock with the sensitivity and richness of folk music» - Lira Musikmagasin-

Julie Alapnes was only five years old when she stood on the kitchen floor at her grandparents' home in Målselv with the fiddle her grandfather Ivar had made, well-placed under her chin. Fortunately, the melody became more beautiful over the years, but this first encounter would prove to shape the life of the talented fiddler. Grandfather, a violin maker and folk musician, left deep impressions and sparked Julie's interest in the North Norwegian fiddle tradition. After high school, she went to the Rauland Academy in Telemark to study folk music, completing her bachelor's degree at the The Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg in 2009. In addition to traditional North Norwegian folk music, Julie composes her own music and is active in various genres with bands and projects.


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The multi-talented artist Julie Alapnes, proficient in the realms of violin, singing, and composition, masterfully weaves the tapestry of traditional Norwegian folk music with a rich and diverse musical palette. Within this enchanting soundscape, her distinctive fiddle and the portable pump organ, Leon, serve as the cornerstone, creating a foundation that sets her apart from others as a remarkable instrumentalist.

Julie has distinguished herself as a fiddler with uniqueness and a strong signature. She is known for her presence, excellent communication skills, and vibrant energy. In 2009, she received the honorable Coop North Culture Prize, and in 2011, she, along with musicians from Palestine, Egypt, and Norway, was awarded UNESCO's title: "Young Artist for Intercultural Dialogue between Arab and Western Worlds," for collaboration during the Førde Festival's international talent project. Julie's music and fiddle have taken her to every corner of Norway, but the violin has also given her wings to fly across borders. Some highlights include the Galle Music Festival in Sri Lanka, the Cairo Opera House, Shetland Folk Festival, Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Iceland, Budapest, Beijing, France, Estonia, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Russia, and Germany. Julie's compositions have been arranged for large orchestras, such as the opening concert at the Nordlys Festival in 2012 and the opening of "The Arctic Race of Norway" in 2015. Several of her original pieces have been recorded by other artists, including "Julies vals" and "Arnt Ivars polska" on French, Canadian, and Scottish releases.


On the stage, Julie's presence is unmistakable, as she delivers exquisite compositions while upholding the rich tradition of folk music from the northern regions of Norway. Her band is a harmonious ensemble featuring Petter Carlsen on the Baritone guitar, Halvard Rundberg on foot-pumped harmonium and guitars, and Aleksander Kostopoulos keeping the rhythm behind the drums.


Together, this musical dream team from the North has forged an energetic, vibrant, and innovative sound deeply rooted in their local folk music traditions. Their debut album in 2018 garnered resounding praise, and their second release, "Helleristning," secured a well-deserved nomination at the Norwegian Grammys in 2022.





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