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Exciting times

Hello everyone!

Since I know that I have some english speaking guests visiting my website, I'll have an english post and try to sort of summarize everything that's happened the last months.

We released our album with Julietnorth in february and we've had such amazing respons. I'm so happy that people around the world, friends, family, journalists and music critics seem to enjoy the album a whole lot. The reviews have been really wonderful and it's just amazing to read all the kind words. I'll try to translate some of the statements from norwegian newspapers and blogs here:

"An artist for the future!"

- Aftenposten

"If I have a recommandation for this summer it would be to listen to this CD."

- Northern Norwegian Magazine

"... that this is their first CD is hard to believe. Their sound is carefully formed, as are the arrangements and their playing skills are of course great..."

- Lira Music Magazine

"So congratulations, Julietnorth, this is an exellent first album..."


"Through years of developing a distinctive tone and way of playing, Julie Alapnes has made a mark both nationally and internationally with equal parts energy, groove and lyrical sound in her instrument."

- iTromsø

Foto: Silja Lomakka / Cat Collective

We have also played some great concerts to celebrate the release. Here are some photos shot by photographer Silja Lomakka.

Foto: Silja Lomakka

Here is a recap from our latets concert at Bastard Bar in Tromsø the 1st of june. This night was really one for the books! What you can hear in this video is our tune "Tampen Brenner". Enjoy!

So, there are a lot of exciting things going on at the moment. Julietnorth are doing some really nice festivals this summer; Sørøyrocken and Varangerfestivalen in Finnmark, Nordsjøfestivalen, Sortland Jazzfestival and Smeltedigelen. Also, we are looking forward to being a part of the Northern Expo in Svalbard in october together with Violet Road, Annasuolo, Mørk, Petter Carlsen and Kartellet. I have never been to Svalbard, but I've heard so much about it and I can't wait to go there.

Talk to you soon!

All the best,


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